Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gift Tags

2.75" square, printed on 110 lb. cardstock
Choose design from samples below...


Jill said...

I was at work and saw your gift cards. I would very much like to order some. How do I go about placing an order?

Jill said...

please contact me via e-mail at and let me know how to go about ordering. Thank you!

The Penters said...

My mom wants to order gift tags with the following names:

Carol Chamlee
Tami Bolte
Melissa Belcher

If you can make some stationary notecards then she would like some of those too with the the name Carol Chamlee on them. You can e-mail her at

I will get you the $15 for the gfit tags asap. You can let me know how much you want to charge for the notecards and she can mail you a check...


The Penters said...

BTW: My mom wants those gift tags to be in the same style and color as that green one you are showing for Kathleen Coffee. Thanks girl!